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Easy Steps to Healthy, Glowy Skin

The great thing about this routine is that it is adaptable to your lifestyle and your skin needs.

“Understanding your skin type and knowing the active ingredients present in your skincare are vital”

Do you want to achieve that famous Korean glow? If so, read on and learn how simple it can be. By cleansing, treating, and hydrating your skin properly, you will be well on your way on the journey to flawless skin. It’s all about using products that work for your skin type and layering them in a way that makes them most effective to achieve the end goal of healthy, glowy skin.

As the first step, you have to know your skin. Are you oily, acne-prone, dry, dehydrated, combination or sensitive? You have to understand your skin type before you invest in any product. This way you save time, money and stay clear of any potential skin reactions. Remember, your skin is constantly changing so you have to be aware of its needs and be flexible with the products you use. It is just as important to understand the active ingredients in the product and match that to your skin needs and concerns. I would advise against product loyalty since all the products from a line may not always be right for you.

Now, for the fun part. I will be going over the steps that I deem to be crucial to the routine.

Double Cleansing

This is the first major change that I recommend you implement. Remember, your skin needs to be completely cleansed for the rest of your routine to work effectively. Double cleansing involves cleansing twice, first with an oil-based cleanser (balm or oil) and second, with a water-based cleanser with a low pH (foam, gel, powder).


A good toner will remove any remaining bits of oil, dirt and

debris left behind by the cleanser. More importantly, toner will

help soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its

delicate pH balance.


This step is really important because it helps cell regeneration and makes your skin brighter and smoother; it also helps your skin absorb products more effectively. There are two types of exfoliants: manual and chemical.

Essences, Serums and Ampoules

Essences hydrate and brighten skin, and fight wrinkles. An essence is considered an all-rounder product with many important benefits for your skin, especially when used on the long-term. Serum and ampoules are highly concentrated products that are generally used as booster treatments.


Masks have different purposes, they can hydrate, brighten, fight breakouts, soothe or shrink pores. Choose between sheet masks, sleeping masks, hydrogel masks or rubber masks.


This is easily the most important step. Sunscreen protects your skin from aging, hyper-pigmentation, dehydration, sagging, and of course - skin cancer. No other cream, serum, or essence is going to do for you what sunscreen does. Find the right formulation and protection factor for your skin type.

See its as simple as that. Don't forget to check out our products that will help you achieve healthy, glowy skin.

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